How to Successfully Market Construction Materials

We’ve recently seen that this blog post from back in June of 2010 has received a lot of traffic to our site.  Along with the referral traffic and inquiries we’ve received, many readers asked us to share some of our top-line tips for successfully working with an agency for marketing construction materials and building products.

We understand that construction marketing is often one of the last tasks or initiatives that you may want to think about. Especially in an industry that is fairly cut and dry and often focuses more on serving your customer base than spending valuable time to think of creative marketing strategies.

But, the truth is competition is rampant in almost every product category from glass, steel, concrete, masonry, woods, plastics, and many more.  Technological advancements and R&D (research & discovery) have given builders and developers multiple competitive options in every category.

Working with a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping construction companies and building products engage, interface, and connect with lead prospects is how to succeed.

There are several benefits that come with this:

  1. A Team Approach: Your team is extended and you gain access to resources and professionals that understand the latest trends and updates that are paramount to achieving your goals.
  2. Accountability: A digital marketing agency will be accountable for devoting the required amount of hours to get the campaigns launched and generate results.
  3. Focus on Growth: Taking the responsibility off your shoulders allows your company or brand to focus on the business side and the digital agency can, in turn, use their resources and available channels to market your product.
  4. Advanced Tools: Someone could spend countless hours trying to learn about the best tools for monitoring social media success or measuring advertising spend or referral traffic but an agency already has this knowledge and can use the most advanced methods possible for getting your brand message to the intended audiences.
  5. Objectivity you can Trust: Possibly the most important aspect, having true professional counsel you can trust is key. A tenured agency is a resource that can help guide your brand to make decisions that can help grow the brand and move products to their intended audiences.

Our team has been working with all manner of building products and construction materials for over 18 years. Just like below when we partnered with the National Hardware Show to produce our series of new products and innovations, we are always seeking to learn about the latest trends in the construction industry. We enjoy scouring the tradeshow floors for new finds and products that create solutions for the construction industry. Our firm has the capabilities and experience to assist our clients in winning new contracts and jobs that will move their products through the appropriate channels. We can build campaigns that convey your company’s value proposition to your customer base.

We look forward to learning about your future initiatives.

~ The ECPR Team

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Part of Our “Best of NHS (National Hardware Show) Products & Innovations” Series…


“The universal stair bracket is to this decade what the joist hanger was to the 70’s.” – Steve Peplin, President of GoPro Construction Solutions

Our “Best of…” series from the National Hardware Show continues this week
with a better way to build stairs, according to GoPro Construction Solutions, who introduced the universal stair bracket. This bracket system was designed by Canadian master carpenter Eric Gobeil as an attempt to save builders time, money and headaches. With pre-stamped measurements on each bracket, the system was created to reduce effort spent measuring and marking the stringers as one builds a staircase. Screwing the steel brackets into the wood stringers compared to nailing wood to wood for conventional stairs is likely to result in less squeaking and, ultimately, a stronger staircase. The brackets also meet all state building codes and accommodate all rises, runs and pitches. It seems virtually mistake-proof to us…and that is why we are so fond of this product. GoPro Construction markets these stair brackets to U.S. stair manufacturers, lumber yards, home centers and construction hardware stores.

Construction trade industry, consumer DIY magazine and website editors, this is a means to sharing one of the most unique products with your DYI readers. The bracket system permits DYIers to easily install stairs on their own for the first time. – Trade media members, we believe that retailers, builders and contractors would find a product profile with images of great help, given their ongoing need for products that help expedite their projects and jobs.

~ Sarah Kate


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    Finally…this will make the work of builders much easier. It has been needed in the industry for a long time. Thanks for this information.

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