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Building product manufacturers and distributors face a daily need to promote, market and publicize their products and brands to a range of audience targets. This encompasses the need for a multifarious plan of dynamic action to communicate product benefits in a way that engages those with the potential need to specify or purchase building products and materials.

How these marketing messages are carefully created and conducted is a strategic matter of activity for the most discerning marketing experts. Marketing the matrix of top-revenue-earning products and new product introductions across a series of collections or product lines is no small feat.

Eberly & Collard Public Relations builds long-standing sales and marketing results:

We assist manufacturers of building products to promote and sell their goods through multi-channel distribution models, involving a spectrum of builders, remodelers, contractors, architects, retailers, and other specifiers. For our clients, when outreach to these important customers seems an insurmountable challenge of getting and staying connected with them, our team simplifies the process of sales and marketing to the trade. 

We manage new product launches; release product and technical specification documents; and persuade construction professionals our clients’ products are must-use resources. For manufacturers who market and sell their product lines to the general consumer public, our comprehensive, original action plans become essential for sales and marketing success.

ECPR has guided both small and large building product manufactures in the process of advanced marketing communications for nearly two decades. This comprises market research, Business-to-Business market segmentation planning, Business-to-Consumer branding campaigns, marketing automation, digital marketing programs, website and video design, multi-channel promotions, and other efforts, leading to customer loyalty and brand equity for manufacturers in many countries.

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  • General Building Product Manufacturers
  • Building Envelope Product Manufacturers
  • Green Building Products
  • Products Specified for LEED-certification
  • Thermal, Moisture & Insulation Products
  • Acoustic, Visual and Audio Products
  • HVAC/P Product Manufacturers
  • Architectural Elements / Products
  • Engineered & Manufactured Products
  • Residential & Commercial Glass
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Kitchen & Bath Products
  • Prefabricated / Modular Construction Products
  • Stone, Granite, Wood, Masonry, and Paver Products
  • Roofing Materials, Siding, Flooring, Windows, & Doors
  • Elevators Electrical Power & Safety / Security Systems
  • Integrated Automation & Smart Systems
  • Specialty Product Manufacturers
  • Product Introductions, Launches & Branding
Event publicity and public relations

Coverings – International Tile & Stone Industry Event

Driving attendance, registration, sponsorship and engagement for an international tradeshow and conference.”

Case Study: Innovative Hearth Products

Igniting branding ROI for building products unified with smart home technology products