“Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. For businesses with strategic and well-managed public relations plans, ROI includes developing reliable trust and authentic engagement with customers, clients, sales leads, buyers, decision-makers, industry leaders, influencers, the media, and other integral contacts, connections and constituencies.”

Forming and disseminating messages to all imperative members of the business circle from consumers or customers to investor partners and buyers can present intrinsic challenges. Actively and creatively communicating product, service and corporate information leads to sales from sector to sector and gleans brand visibility at key junctures and events. This helps align companies with persons and associations of relevance and influence, a vital aspect of managing most any business or sales cycle.

However, today’s modernized method of marketing involves more than clear communication alone. For most people, the presence of 3,000-plus brands per day, unified with constantly surging levels of visible products and available service offers, have led to a sense of skepticism on the part of the consumer or decision maker.

Marketplaces have evolved from “supply and demand” to “authenticity and respect,” whereas the business selling products or services must genuinely interact with those from whom it desires patronage. Only by doing so can any business build the kind of deference among publics that leads to earning consistently increasing sales. 

From relationships with wide-ranging Business-to-Business associations to affiliations with Consumer Goods and Products associations, Eberly & Collard Public Relations discovers, executes and manages public relations opportunities for clients that result with deep affinities and leveraged trust levels with must-know audiences and targets.

Innovative Solutions

Credibility improvement with public relations
  • Collaborating with business and corporate leadership teams to help them create authentic relationships with their publics, customers, sales prospects, consumers, and communities.
  • Conceptualizing Business-to-Consumer public relations campaigns that put consumer goods and products in the public eye and where consumers can experience them in real-life, real-time environments.
  • Developing Business-to-Business messaging strategies and connections that position our clients as valued experts and industry analysts within professional sectors vital for their sales success.
  • Guiding C-suites to proactively prevent crises and respond to them when necessitated beyond their control.
  • Building reputations for brands, businesses, product lines, and service offers based upon minimized risk and maximized profit.
  • Introducing new products or services to markets and submarkets or enhancing existing brands that need fresh perspectives among customer groups and publics.

Select Results

  • Managed successful public relations programs for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Increased positive behavioral, social and / or professional impacts for clients on average by 98% since 2002.
  • Reduced marketing costs for 100% of our PR clients by uniting public relations with advertising.
  • Assisted with more than 2,000 product and brand launches through public relations.
  • Initiated, trained and managed speakers’ bureau (keynote speaking and panel participation) for 68% of our clients spanning 15 years.
  • Succeeded in managing PR events for clients in all regions of the United States and Canada.
  • Added one or more forms of influencer marketing and garnered influencers for 96% of our clients.
Public Relations

Strategic Services

  • Business-to-Business Public Relations Campaign Planning and Execution
  • Business-to-Consumer Public Relations Campaign Planning and Execution
  • Business-to-Community Public Relations Campaign Planning and Execution
  • Communications Campaigns / Management
  • Customer / Client Retention Programs
  • Reputation Management / Crises Intervention, Prevention and Response
  • Investor / Stakeholder and Analyst Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Event Planning and Execution / Tradeshow Publicity
  • Product Demos / Product and Brand Launches
  • Photo Shoots and Styling
  • Newsletters, White Papers and Content Marketing
  • Speaker’s Bureau / Book, Author and Thought-leadership Tours

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