“When executed to its fullest and most creative extent, integrated marketing yields an exceptional opportunity to generate authentic connections with target audiences that leads to winning their respect, earning their trust and gaining their patronage. Developing and managing an integrated marketing plan that covers the bases and leaves no stone unturned is a brand's most arduous feat. Our integrated marketing services offer a holistic approach to your brand's unique marketing needs by providing omnichannel touchpoint solutions."

It is no small undertaking to launch new brands, products or services, or maintain ambitious, results-oriented marketability for those that already exist, all while pressing ahead of the encroaching competition. Eberly & Collard Public Relations puts its many years of expertise to work for clients on a daily basis to help them create equitable shares of voice and marketability. 

Through customized and integrated marketing solutions, we build new or enhance existing brands that double as our clients’ promises to their customers, clients, and constituencies; accurately represent them; and serve as a means for developing mind- and marketshare. Utilizing a customized recipe of strategic communication models, we drive interest in and enthusiasm for our clients’ companies…and the products or services they sell and for which they would like to be known.

Innovative Solutions

Integrated Marketing Agency
  • Vetting a constituency- / influencers-based approach to all aspects of integrated marketing.
  • Examining target audiences’ decision-making processes, purchasing behaviors, product or service perceptions, and brand awareness levels.
  • Uncovering incentive factors on the parts of significant customer groups and market segments, equating to valuable information regarding communication needs.
  • Producing cost- and time-effective results at the hands of our integrated marketing agency team.
  • Addressing gaps and issues affecting our clients’ brand awareness and sales processes.
  • Conceptualize integrated program plans to develop attention-getting content or update and reinforce band messaging which may already be in place.
  • Generating the necessary standards by which to manage brands and messaging.
  • Launching Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Community messaging strategies.

Select Results

  • Redefined integrated marketing for hundreds of businesses.
  • Solved integrated marketing communications challenges for hundreds of clients for more than 20 years.
  • Unified multiple marketing disciplines to create growth and value for more than 8,000 products.
  • Developed consumer product messages in all 50 states, 22 countries and 5 continents.
  • Formed inbound and outbound integrated marketing campaigns to achieve 9 billion+ impressions.
Integrated marketing communications

Strategic Services

  • Fully Assimilated Marketing Programs
  • Converged Media Campaigns
  • Combined Digital, Print and Content Marketing
  • Customer-centric Cross-functional Marketing
  • Brand Research, Creation and Execution
  • Brand Standards Development Sales Training
  • Media / Marketing Schedules Across Products and Brands
  • Product / Brand Introductions and Launches
  • Consortium / Acquisition Marketing Plans
  • Cohesive / Interconnected Account Management
Event publicity and public relations

Coverings – International Tile & Stone Industry Event

Driving attendance, registration, sponsorship and engagement for an international tradeshow and conference.”

Case Study: Stevens & Wilkinson

Integrated marketing that truly influences and engages new business is the “new master plan” for architects.