Dubbed “Effectual Strategy at Work” Eberly & Collard Public Relations has designed a streamlined approach to guide businesses in the process of proactively engaging customers and clients; creating mutually beneficial relationships with members of the media; and gleaning productive associations with industry influencers, communities and other constituencies.

The process involves a simplified combination of activities designed to quickly, yet comprehensively, evaluate a business’s market segmentations, competitive intelligence, product or service categories, and brand-based communicative outreach methods.

Evaluate market segmentations
Generate Competitive Intelligence
Analyze Product or service categories
Examine brand-based communication methods
Our Process

Our process leaves no stone unturned in the development and execution of business-to-business, business-to-consumer or business-to-community messaging across traditional and nontraditional communication channels.

Though, while we have designed the process in a style befitting most client scenarios, each client’s process and program is customizable and managed individually.

For some of our clients, select aspects of our effectual process can be mobilized, whereas for our larger, national and international clients, we often implement the process in its entirety. In any case, we help our clients decide the most time- and cost-effective means to achieve their PR goals.

How Does It Work?

  • Assess and generate an analysis to summarize each client’s state of marketing and marketability spanning market segments.
  • Compile and abridge insight in terms of more palpably communicating to and with target audiences and key publics.
  • Discuss and label all known customer- / client- types, audiences, publics, and segments.
  • Brainstorm possible new or underwhelmed targets and opportunities for interaction and engagement.
  • Track down where brand, product or service, and company presences are required, probable and possible.
  • Define the value and experience our client’s existing and potential customers or clients seek; utilize this information as the baseline for public relations.
  • Discover current and desired perceptions of our client’s businesses, brands, products, or services among their targets; enact marketing programs to augment and maintain a positive reputation.
  • Determine gaps and issues preventing sales and marketing success; plan intended solutions.
  • Adopt end-objectives for later measuring benchmarks and goals.
  • Theorize creative to augment interest in and partisanship for our client’s corporate entity, website, capabilities, brands, products or services, personnel, case-studies, attributes, unique selling propositions, and core competencies.
  • Conceptualize a public and / or media relations program, often supported by integrated marketing, advertising, sponsorships, speakers’ bureau, content management, search engine optimization, digital and social media, and other forms of marketing communications.
  • Create publishable content, owned media, earned media, paid media, speaker / sponsorship opportunities, and / or other initiatives that support and advance marketing, messaging and publicity efforts.
  • Manage a series of customized campaigns to raise or enhance levels of public or industry cognizance, support and loyalty for our client’s business and brand(s).
  • Review a system of checks and balances at milestone markers; adjust strategy to address growth patterns; changes in our client’s product mix or service offer; and the overall fruition of branding.