Don Eberly

Don Eberly

President / Chief Executive Officer

Don Eberly is president / chief executive officer of Eberly & Collard Public Relations, a national and international firm specializing in branding, public relations, media relations, advertising, and integrated marketing for business clients across a wide array of industries. In his role, he oversees the strategic development and day-to-day success of clients’ customized marketing program plans.

Don’s scope of responsibility involves designing communications campaigns to help clients establish and grow mutually beneficial relationships and productive connections with their publics. Under his leadership, the ECPR team has created and implemented thousands of marketing and publicity campaigns, resulting in positive media coverage, thought-leadership positioning, and product or service recognition for national and international clients.

Early Career
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Prior to the inception of Eberly & Collard Public Relations, Don earned his degree in education. In addition to teaching, he worked as a director and then vice president at two of the nation’s largest agencies where he oversaw multiple offices and serviced a gamut of clients such as Darden Restaurants, Microsoft Corporation, Anheuser-Busch, Quest Diagnostics, The American Red Cross, United Way Worldwide, and many others.

In 2002, he established Eberly & Collard Public Relations to provide an unapparelled level of service to clients whose primary goal was to achieve stronger business-to-business or business-to-consumer cognizance for their businesses in an expedited and efficient manner. One of his primary goals was to offer extremely specialized public and media relations expertise per his clients’ specific industries.

Teaming up with co-owner Jeff Collard during the last 15-plus years, the two have grown ECPR from a small start-up agency to one of the nation’s top marketing resources in branding and public relations within the residential and commercial real estate development, architecture, engineering, construction, and design industries, as well as for manufactures of commercial and residential products spanning numerous categories. Don also co-launched the firm's Hospitality and Travel marketing service programs, which has led to winning numerous coveted awards for publicizing hotels, airlines, tour companies, and travel destinations. He also led the charge to extend the firm’s specializations into the areas of Consumer Products and Services marketing, which has involved working with hundreds of clients to launch and promote thousands of products and services.

  • Don has served as a trainer for the American Marketing Association’s Focus Group Training Certification program.
  • He has conceptualized, produced, managed, and publicized media tours, yielding local, regional, national, and international acclaim for his clients.
  • Speaking and participating on panels, Don is involved with education at marketing symposiums and key industry conferences each year.
  • Don is the Co-chair of Public Relations for CANstruction in association with the American Institute of Architects (AIA).
  • He has conceptualized and managed client events with renowned luminaries such as August Busch, Gloria Estefan, Martha Stewart, John Giddings, and many authors.
  • Don and his team write and contribute byline articles regarding a range of marketing, public relations, advertising, social media, and product- / service-oriented topics for more than 250 publications each year.
Jeff Collard

Jeff Collard

Vice-President / Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Collard is vice president / chief financial officer of Eberly & Collard Public Relations. His scope at ECPR is multifarious and extends from leading creative conceptualizations for clients’ program plans to driving operational and strategic successes for the firm and its staff. Jeff oversees ECPR’s performance both internally and in terms of compliance with the commitments the firm makes to its clients.

Jeff collaborates closely with co-owner Don Eberly to supervise client-focused service initiatives are carried out accurately and in a timely manner. He has designed and implemented a high-tech system of project management for the firm’s personnel that has led to award-winning public relations campaigns. In his capacity, he ensures branding, public relations, media relations, and other practices involved in integrated marketing are efficient to enhance clients’ overall experiences working with the firm.

Early Career
Years of Experience
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Jeff’s background was a major precursor to Eberly & Collard Public Relations’ renowned position as an international public relations practitioner group in the fields of residential and commercial architecture, engineering, construction, real estate development, interior design, landscape design, and as well as for manufactures of commercial and residential products.

His degree in horticulture and design, combined with prior management, marketing and creative roles affiliated with the prestigious Walt Disney World Company property, have afforded him the valuable opportunity to understand the marketing challenges his clients encounter from the area of landscape architecture the whole way to the hospitality and leisure travel industry.

Working in tandem with Don Eberly, Jeff has spent the last 15 years helping to form Eberly & Collard Public Relations into a foundational team of industry analysts, publicists, market researchers, marketing managers, authors, content developers, and print / digital marketing specialists to benefit our clients. Leading major efforts to guide clients in our Hospitality and Travel Industry practice, Jeff's branding concepts and campaigns have helped change public perceptions of travel destinations around the globe.

  • Jeff has increased efficiencies for the management of the firm’s public and media relations programs year over year for 15 years.
  • His taglines and marketing concepts have helped shape brands and how they are perceived from coast to coast and in numerous countries.
  • Jeff has brainstormed creative editorial angles, outlines, and content for thousands of published articles, features, cover stories, white papers, and other content.
  • Jeff is the Co-chair of Public Relations for CANstruction in association with the American Institute of Architects (AIA).
  • Jeff was a co-founder of the BOLD Summit (the Business of Luxury Design) event and symposium- bringing together globally recognized designers and architects for a three-day industry charrette and conference.