“Advertising is a controlled method to inform customers or clients about a product or service, with engaging, memorable and repetitious information. Advertising alone yields valuable brand awareness. Combining advertising with other forms of integrated marketing provides invaluable brand equity, in particular, when planned and administered by a full service advertising agency."

At times, the most viable means to reach target audiences is a combination of paid promotion or advertising, strategic publicity and engaging copywriting or graphic design. Though, most marketing managers and C-suite leaders agree promoting products or brands to mass groups of consumers (B-to-C) or to trade professional targets (B-to-B) through paid advertising space and other content marketing endeavors can seem overwhelming.

From where, when and how to advertise to the right blend of multiparty outreach campaigns, Eberly & Collard Public Relations’ digital advertising agency team researches and streamlines the process for clients.

The advertising strategies we develop and plan for clients are available at widely discounted rates, given our overall ad-buying power and media relationships. Unlike many firms and agencies, we commonly pass along our entire agency discount to addition to appendage ad-buy savings and value-added bonus advertising print space, digital or air time we secure for them.

Innovative Solutions

  • Simplifying otherwise intrinsic advertising plans for clients to streamline their time and maximize their budgets.
  • Designing digital, print, outdoor, indoor, and collateral-based advertisements that inform and influence targets.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies to create digital advertising ROI for our clients.
  • Negotiating coordinating and scheduling advertising placements to free clients of the hassle.
  • Generating and overseeing ad campaigns integrated with converged media.
  • Managing media planning, buying and creative in a turnkey style.

Select Results

  • Acquired discounted or value-added bonus ad buys for 100 percent of all ad campaigns we have managed for clients.
  • Advertised more than 1,500 consumer products and services.
  • Increased our clients’ Pay Per Click advertising results on average by 78 percent.
  • Earned annual advertising campaign awards for our copy concepts, marketing collateral campaigns and media kits for their innovation, graphic design, copy, and creativity.

Strategic Services

  • Digital Advertising Campaigns
  • Pay Per Click and Search Engine Marketing Campaigns
  • Print, Radio & Television Campaign Planning & Execution (Trade / Consumer)
  • Media Buying, Negotiation, Scheduling and Placement Planning
  • Ad Dollar Equivalency / Impression Results Management
  • Collateral, Brochure, Signage, Outdoor, Display, and Native Ad Materials
  • Media and Marketing Content Assessments

Case Study: Innovative Hearth Products

Igniting branding ROI for building products unified with smart home technology products