National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek”: Life Cycle Gardens

After cracking his vertebra and left temporarily immobile, young entrepreneur Justin Connell came up with an idea for a mobile garden. Putting his thoughts into action, Connell’s company, Life Cycle Gardens, will be introducing Garden on Wheelz™ at this year’s National Hardware Show. Elevated 38 inches from the ground, with a wheelbarrow-like construction, this home and garden product features adjustable legs that allow the physically disabled to sit or stand while gardening.

With 6 square feet of gardening space, consumers can enjoy 36 pounds of fresh produce each year. Garden on Wheelz is made of UV-resistant and food grade plastic, also bearing a run-off water recycling system. In addition to providing consumers with physical limitations a home and garden product, the mobility of Garden on Wheelz allows for maximization of sunlight and space in homes limited to small balconies or patios.

Click here to read more about Justin Connell and how he went from student to CEO.

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