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As readers of our blog might recall from an earlier post, we previewed some features of Sears Blue Tool Crew following our time at the National Hardware Show. We mentioned the company’s obvious fresh spin on customer service with Social Media networking and the new Click-to-Call element on the Sears Blue Tool Crew website. These are the efforts Sears is making to enable its customers more interaction with the tools and brands the company carries. And, Sears carries a robust selection of power and hand tools, more than 30,000 tools from 400 national brands like Craftsman and the newest in-store addition, Hitachi.
The National Hardware Show was the venue at which Sears announced the addition of Hitachi products to the shelves of its vast tool department. Hitachi’s high-powered HXP lithium-ion battery technology proves the superior and innovative design for which the brand is known. This HXP battery technology is featured in many of Hitachi’s power tools like the Micro Series’ Driver Drill and Screwdriver, both of which provide exceptional results in smaller packaging. A great thing about a new line like Hitachi merging into the Sears family of products is that the Blue Tool Crew will be available to provide expert advice and service to customers using not only the Hitachi tools, but also all Sears tools in general.

Blue Tool Crew members serve many roles to customers, a matchmaker between shopper and the perfect screwdriver, a knowledgeable expert on drill bits, even a middle person for a consumer’s pick-up order. Customers can order online then drive to the nearest store, and a Blue Tool Crew member will deliver the order within five minutes, the “Guaranteed in 5” service. We love how available these services are for online shoppers as well. The Click-to-Call feature on the website connects to a Blue Tool Crew member either by allowing the shopper to dial 1-877-4BLUCRW or request a call back. Or, people can tap into Blue Tool Crew’s Facebook, Twitter or YouTube for engaging ways to become tool experts.

Sears’ Blue Tool Crew is making high-level products coupled with information and support readily available online, by phone and in person. This modern system of interfacing with customers is unique to the industry, and it addresses today’s younger demographic of homeowners who face their days in a hurry, with too much to do, and not enough time in which to do it. In short, the best part of the Blue Tool Crew is super-fast product information in real time and easy-to-get help from real people.

In our day-to-day article writing for editors and ongoing public relations work in the home, garden, design, homewares, and hardware categories, we have experienced various branded programs intended to supply product information and relational support to customers. But, none has been quite as impressive or wide-ranging as the Blue Tool Crew. Our hats are off to the folks behind the brand and this truly innovative initiative, which is why it was an easy decision for us to include the Blue Tool Crew in our “Best of Products & Innovations” series. – Editors and producers, comment below or contact us with your feedback and questions. The Blue Tool Crew would make for a solid expert resource to share with your readers, listeners or viewers.

~ Don and Jeff

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  1. Anonymous says

    The Sears Blue Tool Crew sounds pretty creative. This can go a long way for gaining interest from the younger demographics.

    Paul J. Forbes,
    Freelance Writer

  2. Don Eberly says

    Hi Paul, thanks for your email, too. I wanted to reach out to you via FB as well. When you might have an article assignment that is fitting for this information, just say the word.

    Thanks again,
    Don Eberly and the ECPR team.

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