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For those of you preparing for the July 11 to July 13 OFA Short Course event, we know your schedules will be packed full with educational sessions ranging many timely topics. There is one you should not miss. On Sunday, July 11, at 4:00 p.m. EDT, our own Don Eberly, president / CEO of ECPR, will be participating on an educational panel regarding branding. Don and the other panelists will address the all-important relevance of developing and managing brands that create positive perceptions on the part of customers.

After helping clients create national and international brands for many years, Don will be offering some of his insights on the topic. Specifically, he will touch on the importance of retailers defining their “core” brands (the primary or nucleus brand of the retail business itself) combined with the varied “pillar” brands the retailer sells and represents (which includes all of the individual branded product lines that make up an inventory). The panel will discuss how retailers’ core brands provide foundations for the pillar brands they sell, and, ultimately, the ways in which pillar brands sustain or fortify the core brands at large.

The panel session is entitled, “What does your brand do for you, and what can you do for your brand?” Panelists include the following:
• Bridget Behe, Michigan State University (Moderator)
• Don Eberly, Eberly & Collard Public Relations
• Marshall Dirks, Proven Winners
• Diane Hund, Ball Horticultural Company
• Pam Wasson, Monrovia

Want to know more? Attend the panel event in Room E 170, or contact us after OFA for informative articles written on this subject-matter or for interviews being conducted for post-event columns and features. – For those tweeting at or about the event, don’t forget to mention us @eberlycollardpr and tag OFA #ofashortcourse.

~ Jeff

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  1. Anonymous says

    We are looking at changing our branding strategy in a whole new light after this seminar. Was very helpful. Angie Bakkermen

  2. Anonymous says

    That is great, Angie. We hope the Top 10 Brand Assessment Questions are of help to you and your team!

    Let us know how it goes and if we can help you.

    – ECPR

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