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As the Construction / Building Industry continues to grow its way back to a place of prosperity, staying on top of the latest technologies, products and services is key to success. A combination of reading industry trade publications and attending important tradeshows / symposiums is a means to viable information that can lead to network-based sales and ongoing education. Conversely, being quoted in important industry magazines or on applicable blogs is a direct path to branding.

Since we write for a number of Home, Garden, Design, Agribusiness, and Construction trade publications, our staff is planning to write a trends article series stemming from a few key residential and commercial building events. In doing so, of course, we will feature and quote our firm’s applicable PR clients. But, we are seeking additional industry sources who can also offer specialized trade information and quotes for our articles.

Our blog readers know that one of our areas of concentration is that of the Construction / Building Industry. Part of our firm’s service model is relative to public / media relations and social media for builders, engineers, and building product manufacturers. In managing PR and social media for clients in the industry, we help them position their companies as professional resources- putting forth their business stories, project case-studies, unique selling propositions, and expert personnel. But, our work is not publicity alone. We additionally serve as writers for over 150 publications each year, some of which are Building / Construction trade magazines and websites.

The ECPR team’s specialty in the field has allowed us to author many byline articles for select industry publications over the years, and we consider it a true honor to contribute in this way. Many of you already know our team writes magazine articles including trade show product and trend reviews, building project case-studies, engineering specification profiles, and Q&As with top industry authorities. We also write similar narratives for our blog, linking the content to a mix of online forums belonging to trade magazines, association websites, organizational groups’ e-newsletters, and other channels of interest.

As we gear up for the CONSTRUCT trade event, set to take place Sept. 13-16, in Chicago, we are opening the opportunity for industry leaders to be quoted in one or more of our pending articles. Stemming from the event, we will be featuring trend insights from several industry experts and analysts. If your company has uncovered or is addressing industry trends in some way, contact us and we will consider your CEO or other management leader for one of our summer or fall season article interviews. And, by the way, there is no obligation or cost if you are quoted in one of our narratives. If you are chosen for inclusion to the article series, we will schedule the interview with you by phone prior to, or in person at, the CONSTRUCT tradeshow event and 55th annual convention. Email Don Eberly at with your request to be included along with a brief description of one or more industry trends about which your company could be quoted. We look forward to your submissions.

~ ECPR Team

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