Lightweight Blocks, Heavyweight Benefits

Big River Industries Inc., our client, and one of the largest producers of expanded clay lightweight aggregate (LWA), has recently been an integral part of a project for the Maryland Science Center. Working with Ernest Maier and St. John Properties, Big River Industries’ LWA brought about distinct advantages for the project, in construction method as well as in time, labor, shipping, and materials.

The project contractor used E-Lite 24-inch-long lightweight concrete masonry units with specific ratios of Big River Industries’ LWA. The units were supplied from Ernest Maier, Inc. in place of standard weight 16-inch gray units. With this stratgeic approach, the contractor reduced relational construction time and labor by 50 percent.

For our architect, engineer and construction-based blog readers, take a few moments to read the full story about this project we wrote for Masonry Construction magazine’s January issue. In doing so, you can find out exactly what made the units lightweight and how to result with similar savings for your own projects.

Trade media members, the article might be of interest to you, too. Reading it will offer insights from Jeff Speck, vice president of sales and marketing for Big River Industries, Inc., about the key benefits of using lightweight masonry units, especially in large construction jobs. Jeff makes for a well-informed source. Contact us with your byline article assignments for 2011.

To read the full article written by our Laura Drotleff and Don Eberly, click on the provided link:

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