ECPR Welcomes New Social Media Client Ligne Roset

The ECPR team is proud to announce our newest social media client, Ligne Roset. We are excited to work with the company’s New York City and Miami marketplace teams to develop new forms of interfacing and engagement with interior designers, local organizations and consumers. With social media now a top means for marketing, the New York- and Miami-based Ligne Roset retailers are advancing community and customer relations with a bold new face, via Facebook.

Ligne Roset, makers of high-quality contemporary interior furniture, is a French company with several store locations across the United States. Our goal is to help transform the current New York City and Miami Facebook pages into informative, interesting and interactive fan pages for interior designers, consumers and media members. The two markets’ Facebook walls and applications will be used to educate and enlighten fans about Ligne Roset as well as share information of value and interest. Topics will include interior decorating ideas, tips and trends from the company’s design experts, photos and profiles of furnishings / accessories, and local store events and insights.

Ligne Roset has been embracing online interaction for quite some time. For example, interactive software allows designers and homeowners to design customized living spaces online through, not only the national website, but also individual store websites. Users can access the easy online tool to choose room layouts and furniture pieces, such as the Ottoman chair or the Exclusif Sectional featured in this blog, based upon their unique living spaces. This makes it possible for essentially anyone to select Ligne Roset pieces to transform ordinary rooms into sleek, modern living spaces.

More and more companies are adopting social media and interactive forums like this to help drive traffic to company websites and to retail locations. This is a result of changes in consumer buying habits; A.K.A. “Click to Action.” In short, motivators that drive customers to make purchases for their homes increasingly stem from social networking. The ECPR team is available to answer your questions or host online webinars, sessions or comments regarding social media and how to measure its ROI. We will be glad to also provide information about Ligne Roset to our fans, followers and readers upon request.

In closing for now, our team is looking forward to working with Ligne Roset and is excited to use these revolutionary methods to spread the word about the company’s amazing collection of contemporary furniture. For current information about Ligne Roset’s New York City and Miami store locations, visit or And, stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks, as we will be sharing and featuring the links to the enhanced Ligne Roset New York City and Miami Facebook pages soon.

~ The ECPR Team

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