Best of Show: National Hardware Show Part II

The National Hardware Show housed exhibitors from around the globe. Products from a variety of industry categories captured the attention of show attendees. ECPR had the privilege of conversing with companies and discovering new and innovative products to feature in our “Best of Show” series. For a show recap, please read the first part of the National Hardware Show “Best of Series” entitled “National Hardware Show Yields Attention-grabbing New Products and Revealing Industry Trends.” Thus, the ECPR team would like to share the second part of the “Best of Show” series with our friends and followers now.

Customers complaining of a pesky stink bug problem? Not to worry, Sterling International, Inc. has developed a solution called the RESCUE! ® Stink Bug Trap. The company unveiled this revolutionary product at the National Hardware Show, drawing in show goers to learn more about how to eliminate stink bugs outdoors and indoors. The trap works outdoors to prevent stink bugs from entering homes and businesses as well as prevent them from destroying fruit and vegetable gardens by releasing pheromone attractants which are odorless to humans. The indoor trap has a blue LED light attachment that plugs into the wall, drawing in stink bugs. Once inside the trap, the bugs become dehydrated, allowing them to be disposed of odor-free. Stink bug infestations have become a major issue in the U.S. and with the help of the RESCUE Stink Bug Trap, homeowners, farmers and businesses can rest easy. The product will be available beginning in July, to learn more about Sterling International. Inc’s Stink Bug Trap or other products, visit

South African company Terrax, exhibited at the National Hardware Show this year, showcasing the company’s new product, the Terrax-Ground Breaker. The patented reaction bar on this surface-cutting tool allows for strong impact and eliminates jarring. The Terrax-Ground Breaker can easily cut through tree roots, clay, asphalt, stone and even concrete. Most notably, along with other tools made by Terrax, the Terrax-Ground Breaker features a sliding internal weight, designed to maximize productivity by minimizing stress, discomfort and fatigue. Additionally, this innovative product prevents injuries by easing the burden of the work on the body while also increasing efficiency by digging smaller, yet deeper holes. Mass merchants and independent retailers, consider this as part of your summer inventory. For professional landscapers, maintenance teams and contractors, give your arms and back a break with this Best of Show items. The company offers a collection of tools such as the Compax Ram Attachment, Terrascoop and the Terrastamper. To learn more about Terrax tools, visit the company’s website at

Stay tuned for the next set of the “Best of Show” from the National Hardware Show. Remember, you can enlarge the photos simply by clicking on them.

* To vote for your favorite “Best of Show” product, add your “Comments” below. Be sure to indicate the name of the product in your comment. At the end of our article series, the product with the most comments will be awarded the top “Best of Show” status.

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Jeff Collard


  1. Anonymous says

    Our buyers saw Terrax at NHS and were impressed. It takes a lot to impress these guys. Our vote goes to them.

    Jared Dist., Inc.

  2. Verner's says

    I vote for the U.S. Sunlight attic fan. The remote is a good value-add we have not seen a lot of.

    Jerry Reinhart
    Verner's Supply

  3. Anonymous says

    The Terrax Ground Breaker is an incredible product that will revolutionise your digging chores in industry and DIY landscaping and planting! It has helped my fencing business in a huge way in that i can now dig so many more holes than ever before in a quarter of the time. Wish I had shares in this hardcore tool range!

  4. 360 Distributors says

    Terrax thanks for the beaut of a tool! guys are very happy with me as are the winefarms that tried them out
    all the best to you guys
    360 Distributors

  5. Anonymous says

    Terrax Tools WOW!!
    I am Amazed …. We/Man have been digging for thousands of years and only now has someone come up with this simple yet amazingly effective digging tool well done guys.
    I vote for Terrax

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