National Hardware Show Yields Attention-grabbing New Products and Revealing Industry Trends…

The National Hardware Show has come and gone, leaving a trail of excitement and positive feedback. This year’s highly successful and sold-out show featured exhibitors from all over the world. Ranging from lawn and garden products, hardware and tools, outdoor living, paint and accessories, plumbing and electrical, the National Hardware Show had it all.

Before the show began, the ECPR team had the privilege of writing a “Sneak Peek” series for the show. Exhibitors were able to submit product information and photos to be featured on our blog and linked to nearly 200 media outlets. Now that the show is over, we are beginning the “Best of Show” series. Each product featured in the series has unique and innovative characteristics, earning them honorable mention. In addition, the series will include a look at several trends our team uncovered at the show, giving retailers, contractors, builders, and media members a chance to be informed about current product and buyer evolution.

The first of the “Best of Show” series features ErgoDig. Makers of high-quality ergonomic lawn and garden tools, the company has set a new standard in lawn and garden care. The company’s new collective line of Ash Wood handle tools was the talk of the show. Media members and retailers flocked to ErgoDig’s booth to test out the new products. Our team at ECPR was even able to obtain national television coverage of the brand, which was filmed by the producers of the DIY Network during the show. Each of the 40 garden tools in the line features a distinctive wooden handle with an angle at a degree consistent with the human arm. The angled handle is designed to relieve stress on the wrist and back, allowing a person to work in the garden pain-free. The launch of the collection encompasses a full line of tools utilized for pushing, pulling and lifting items such as soil, leaves, mulch, pine straw, debris, and other aspects of lawn and garden maintenance. Knowing that inventory of high-end tools with premium design and manufacturing is only part of reaching success for retailers, Rogers and his team have created a branding program to support the launch of the line. Beginning with brand standards to unify a stylish look for the collection, the ErgoDig logo is stamped in kelly green on every handle. The specific green color differentiates the products from others on the market and signifies the idea of grass, freshness, the environment, and ergonomics. ErgoDig has plans to become an all-inclusive lawn-and-garden product resource. As the brand grows during 2011 and beyond, the company will expand into other handle materials such as bamboo, fiberglass, and a variety of woods and metals. To learn more about ErgoDig, visit the company’s website at

The Juwel NovaPlus Rotary Clothes-line from Exaco Technologies aims to bring European ingenuity to the United States. Showcased at the National Hardware Show, the NovaPlus caught the attention of the ECPR team. The product stand is constructed from high-quality airplane aluminum, while the clothes-line is made from “Twaron” high-tension fiber, the same material used in bullet-proof vests. Needless to say, this product is durable and sturdy enough to hold 4-5 loads of laundry at one time. Most notably, this environmentally-friendly, energy- saving product, allows homeowners to cut down on extra costs due to fewer drying loads. The NovaPlus comes assembled and ready to use out of the box. This product is ideal for homeowners looking to bring a little European flare to the U.S. Retailers, market this item by informing consumers about energy-savings that can result from hanging clothes outside for a “fresh air” smell. For more information about the Juwel NovaPlus Rotary Clothes-line, visit

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