Technology Boosts Productivity for Produce Growers

Watch out produce growers, 3D laser scans, optical sensors, cloud-based technologies, and data management systems are just a few innovative software programs taking over today’s orchards and farms. No need to worry though, these systems are here to help, and we’ve got all the need-to-know information.

Our team keeps up with ground-breaking ideas and modern technology advances across all industries in which we specialize- one of which is Agribusiness. With this in mind, and according to an article by Growing Produce, four new programs are assisting growers with tasks such as precision planting, orchard management and traceability. Check out our run-down of each product to learn the benefits of incorporating these systems into your operation. 

Raven Viper 4

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Raven’s Viper 4 is a 12.1-inch field computer offering data management capabilities and a customizable user interface that allows growers to create machine and user profiles, while storing the information in one networked platform. Incorporated with the new Raven Operating System, Viper 4 enables growers to use the customizable interface for portrait or landscape orientation. The model also has 4 camera inputs for monitoring bin levels, blind spots and more. Growers do not have to worry about its durability and ease of use while in the field. This product was built to withstand tough environments, featuring a state-of-the-art rugged magnesium alloy enclosure.

Grove Tracker

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Grove Tracker is AGERpoint’s new comprehensive data management system that delivers critical information to growers, allowing them to keep records on the productivity and health of their orchards. By using 3D laser scanning, survey GPS, HD video cameras, and optical sensors, users will be able to capture statistical and photographic inventory. Grove Tracker’s collection of technology features allows growers to easily capture important information such as tree trunk diameter, canopy diameter, leaf color, leaf density, tree count, and tree height.

FoodLink Item

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FoodLink is a cloud-based software that focuses on food safety and traceability that benefits growers, suppliers and consumers. After growers submit a collection of farm data, the software adds individual tracing information in the form of unique QR codes to produce items. Suppliers are then able to communicate information related to product origin, quality and freshness directly to a consumer. The information is easily accessible for consumers, only requiring they scan the code on the packaging with a smartphone or tablet. Recently voted “2013 Best New Food Safety” solution by United Fresh, growers can rely on FoodLink to enhance brand awareness and reinforce brand promises.


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FarmLogs is a web-based farm management program designed to help growers plan, manage and analyze operations on multiple platforms. A new resource for tracking information regarding planting, fertilizing and harvesting, FarmLogs is also a tool for forecasting yields and measuring profits, managing sales, and monitoring local market prices. Best of all, this program is also available as a mobile app in order to provide an easy interface for growers to input information while in the field or on the go.

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