Shining a “Light” on the Design Process of Aerin Lauder

While we enjoy learning about products that break into the industries in which we specialize, we also love uncovering the inspiration behind a product’s creation. Delving into the mind of the designer and discovering his or her unique source for creativity and innovation is just another effort our team puts forth to understanding and reporting industry trends. Today our team is highlighting AERIN, a collection making its way onto the residential lighting scene, and how its founder and creative director, Aerin Lauder, navigates the design process.

Aerin Lauder
Photo courtesy of Residential Lighting

In the July 2013 issue of Residential Lighting magazine, Lauder explains that her first step towards creating a new design is organizing her thoughts with a mood board. By compiling an assortment of images, color swatches, personal pictures, and more, she’s able to focus on several ideas in order to blend them into one. While Lauder’s creations can be influenced by most anything, travel is her number one inspiration. “I love to be in a new environment and exposed to different surroundings and cultures,” Lauder said to the editors of Residential Lighting.

AERIN is an honest reflection of Lauder’s design style: classic and traditional with a modern twist. According to Residential Lighting, Lauder prefers classic pieces that have stylish, contemporary accents that don’t compromise function. When designing AERIN she wanted to give consumers a collection that could blend together or stand alone. How did she do that? By using gold as a neutral. According to the article, Lauder believes gold is a timeless accent among interiors, just as it is in jewelry and accessories. 

The Mill Chanelier
Photo courtesy of Residential Lighting

The Mill chandelier is one item from the collection featured in the article. She revealed that her inspiration for the piece was a woven basket. Made of metal with gilded gold leaf to give it depth, the chandelier came together just the way Lauder wanted – an impression of a woven basket of light.

To read the full article on Aerin Lauder in Residential Lighting’s July 2013 issue, click here. If you’re interested in staying on top of industry trends, designer insights and product releases be sure to check out future issues of Residential Lighting, as well as glance back at past copies by accessing its archives here.

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