National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek”: Elgo Irrigation Ltd.

A true pioneer of the irrigation market, Elgo Irrigation Ltd. introduced the world to the sprinkler and is now presenting us with a new concept for lawn watering: QuickUp – Portable Spray Watering System. Combining nearly a century of experience with the latest irrigation innovations, Elgo’s QuickUp offers homeowners a low cost, water-saving irrigation system similar to underground pop-up systems, but without complicated installations.

Technologically advanced and user-friendly, QuickUp connects to the simple garden hose and quick connector system. It uses advanced micro sprinklers for gentle and accurate watering, enabling consumers to water lawns without turf disturbance. Featuring a simple plug-and-play concept, QuickUp allows homeowners to cultivate vegetable rows freely, taking only a few minutes to install or move between different vegetable or lawn areas. The basic kit includes six full-circle micro sprinkler stands with six QuickUp connectors; six flow control valves; an additional six half-circle nozzles; and four quarter-circle nozzles.

Elgo’s latest irrigation innovation is sure to be a popular product at this year’s National Hardware Show. With its simple installation process, easy storage ability and automatic controls, it presents retailers with a great marketing opportunity for consumers.

For more information about Elgo Irrigation Ltd. and its products visit the company’s website at

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