Perennials on the Rise

Better Homes and Gardens  recently featured on its website, a slideshow of must-grow new perennials for 2013. The brand new varieties offer exciting colors and more flowers that will make any perennial garden the best yet. The slideshow includes a large array of varieties such as hibiscus, echinacea, sedum, and coreopsis as well as many other eye-catching varieties. Echinacea ‘Supreme Cantaloupe’ from our client, Terra Nova Nurseries, was one of the many echinaceas mentioned.

Echinacea ‘Supreme Cantaloupe’
Photo Credit: Terra Nova Nurseries
Echinacea ‘Supreme Cantaloupe’ is part of the Supreme™ Series, which includes two other varieties, Echinacea ‘Supreme Elegance’ and Echinacea ‘Supreme Flamingo’. Terra Nova Nurseries teamed up with Blooms of Bressingham to create these heavy bloomers with strong saturation in its large, but proportionate flowers. Retailers, learn more about these beauties here
For those reading our blog who are garden center retailers, you do not want to miss out on purchasing these varieties to have in your garden center for 2013. Consumers will see these lovely new plants on Better Homes and Gardens’ website and you will not want to miss out on stocking these trending perennials for spring gardens. No matter what type of retail you might be working in, it is important to stay abreast of consumer trends and demands in your related industry. This will help you keep up with competitors as well as reach your company’s sales goals.

A note for our landscape designer blog readers, many of the plants featured by our editor friends with Better Homes & Gardens magazine are popular trend-setters. So, keep them in mind as you begin to plan your clients’ landscape designs for spring. – For everyone else, these plants just might add some living color to your own lawns and gardens in 2013. 

Be sure to check out several of our top picks from Better Homes and Gardens’ selections below. Also, if you want to view the whole slideshow visit its website.
Belamcanda ‘Gone with the Wind’ Photo Credit: Plant Delights
Hibiscus ‘Heartthrob’
Photo Credit: Perennial Resource 
Lavender ‘Phenomenal’
Photo Credit: Garden Plants
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