A New Design for Twitter

Have you noticed that Twitter recently revamped its website, making it easier for new users to navigate their way through the site? The previous, rudimentary design layout now features a sleek design, and makes for easy use. Each profile now presents a “Facebook” style timeline, which includes recent tweets and accessible information such as followers, images, lists, and favorite pages.

The “Home” page provides all the old features, with a few new and improved updates. For example, each tweet in the news feed can now be opened, allowing you to view the intimate details of the tweet, including those who have re-tweeted the post. Also, at the top left corner, users will see two more new features, the @Connect and #Discover tabs. The @Connect tab allows users to view all interactions, mentions, follows for an account. Thus, making it easier to communicate with and follow new and existing users. The #Discover tab enables users to view trending Twitter topics in a whole new way, based on a user’s connections, location and language.

So why the redesign? ECPR has its own take on why Twitter revamped its social networking site. The new Twitter seems to look a lot like Facebook’s Timeline. And, with other social media channels, such as LinkedIn, becoming more popular, Twitter’s redesign comes at the right time. The new design seems to entice users to “tweet” from Twitter, rather than from third-party sites like HootSuite. In addition, the new design could be related to a user’s eye movements. Twitter designers may have strategically placed items in locations where users focus their attention the most, including the top left of a page, as well as photos within tweets (which are now viewable directly in the news feed). Also, along with the new features, Twitter has launched “brand pages” for companies who are advertisers. In creating these “brand pages,” Twitter is making an effort to increase revenue through advertisers.

What do you think of the new Twitter; is it more user-friendly, or simply a way for Twitter to increase profits from advertisers? Please post your comments below, we would be happy to learn your thoughts on the new Twitter.

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