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Our client, Terra Nova Nurseries, was recently featured in the November / December issue of Indiana Gardening magazine. The article featured a selection of heuchera plants that were chosen to complement Snow Fountains, a weeping cherry tree. Our team worked with the writer to help secure this media coverage for Terra Nova Nurseries, and it’s just one example of many.

At ECPR, one of our goals is to actively communicate, establish and secure media relations for our clients. This includes byline articles, feature stories, press releases, brand / product mentions, photo shoots, radio and television interviews, media tours and much more. Our company thrives on gaining brand recognition for our clients, through regional, national and international media outlets and channels. With our specialty being the home, garden and design industries, ECPR has, over the years, established strong relationships with media members in these specific fields. Thus, our knowledge, in combination with our large database of editors, writers, publishers, bloggers, social media contacts, etc, ensures our clients we are supremely qualified to effectively help market products and brands to their customers or clients.

To view the thumbnails of the feature article in Indiana Gardening magazine, see below. Click on each image to enlarge it. Also, please feel free to visit our website at to learn more about our traditional public relations services as well as our social media services.

NOTE: To read the full article, follow these easy steps:
1. Select (left-click) each image one at a time; the image will appear somewhat larger on your screen.
2. Right-click on the image.
3. Last, select “View Image,” and you will be able to zoom in by clicking on the image with the magnifying glass.

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