The Ultimate Casement Window

Marvin Windows and Doors, a family owned and operated business, is a premier manufacturer of made-to-order wood and clad wood windows and doors. With the success of the company’s brands and products, Marvin Windows and Doors has launched a new product, the Ultimate Casement window, as part of the Ultimate collection.

The new addition to the Ultimate collection is proving to be one of the most innovative window designs on the market for builders, remodelers, architects, and homeowners. Most uniquely, the Ultimate Casement window features a revolutionary wash mode which allows the window to be cleaned on both sides, while standing indoors. In just three simple steps, homeowners can rotate the exterior glass, saving time, money and effort. In addition to the wash mode, the Ultimate Casement window offers commercial-grade hardware, to ensure the window operates smoothly and opens easily for high-quality performance. This new casement window is available in a variety of designs and sizes. The largest size is 40” wide and 92” tall or 36” wide and 96” tall, allowing for unobstructed views and maximum fresh air.

Continuing to add to the Ultimate line, Marvin Windows and Doors has also recently introduced a retractable screen option. This creative, concealable screen glides side-to-side on a smooth track and can be stored in the window jamb when not in use. The retractable screen comes in a variety of wood species to match the interior of the window. Moreover, the screen is exclusively available in Marvin Windows and Doors’ Hi Transparency mesh. The screen’s fine mesh is made from a durable fiberglass material that is tear- and dent-resistant. 
Marvin Windows and Doors’ Ultimate Casement window and retractable screen option adds a premium component to new homes and buildings on the market. Builders, architects and remodelers designing with and using these innovative products can enhance construction projects to appeal to owners. For more information on Marvin Windows and Doors and the Ultimate Casement window, visit
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