One Way to Engage Customers via Facebook

In recent years, Facebook has become a revolutionary marketing tool. Companies are interacting more with customers, clients and industry professionals as a means to increase sales and brand awareness. But, some companies and organizations are missing the mark by simply creating Facebook pages because their competitors do. In many of these cases, marketing managers leave their newly developed Facebook pages unattended – i.e., an attempted online conversation with no dialog. We advocate and assist clients in creating valuable content as opposed to just being on Facebook because everyone else is. By offering content with valuation, fans will come to think of a Facebook page as a go-to source of helpful insights. The likelihood of consumers or clients “liking” company pages is dependent on whether the posts featured on Facebook are relevant and interesting enough to follow and engage in.

ECPR manages several Facebook accounts, including Ligne Roset Miami, a high-end, contemporary furniture company. Our team researches and writes Facebook posts directed toward the company’s desired demographics, with an ongoing goal of interfacing with the an ever-evolving fan base. Recently, we posted a photo album called “All-White Décor,” in which we featured a selection of modern home furnishings and accessories from Ligne Roset to appeal to the company’s clientele in Miami. More importantly, the photo album is not promotional, but rather is informative and educational. The narrative and captions accompanying the album provide a look at how to create a beautiful, clean interior that focuses on a streamlined white decor. This was one in a series of how-to, captivating posts implemented consistently over time. Essentially, our post strategy helps Ligne Roset Miami create new relationships with customers and appeal to potential clients through high-quality, engaging content on Facebook. After all, no Facebook fan is interested in one-way promotional messaging alone.

Our team of social media experts are constantly researching new and interesting ways to effectively communicate though social media channels. Thus, allowing us tailor posts to our clients’ needs. For more information about our social media services for companies in the home, garden and design industries, please visit our website at

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