The Original Adjustable Door Hinge

Part of Our “Best of NHS Products & Innovations” Series…

The National Hardware Show in May was home to thousands of companies showcasing new or innovative products, and one such product caught our eye. It is called The Original Adjustable Door Hinge, and it’s distributed through EGS Hinge LLC. Created to solve the problem of doors that stick when being opened or closed, The Original Adjustable Door Hinge has the ability to adjust a left- or right-handed door up or down and side to side. This truly is a simpler solution than unhinging, sanding, planning, re-painting, and re-hanging a problematic door, which is something all of the contractors out there have been seeking all along.

Doors can stick in the frame or against the floor for a number of reasons: a house is settling, expansive soil conditions, foundation concerns, humidity, poor craftsmanship, new floor installation, a remodel, or even too many layers of paint. Affordable and practical, The Original Adjustable Door Hinge is worth its salt as it can be adjusted anytime to rectify any of these problems. The difference between this product and a typical door hinge lies in The Original Adjustable Door Hinge’s threaded bolt – instead of a smooth pin – allowing the door to be adjusted by the hinge. And, this product is crafted out of high-quality steel or stainless steel and is available in five interior finishes and four exterior finishes.

We think this product is a perfect fit, in more ways than one, for home improvement and trade-based magazines’ “Best Products” sections for 2010 and 2011. For more information about The Original Adjustable Door Hinge, feel free to leave a comment below or visit the company’s website.

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