OFA "Best of": New Container Delights

Here, we offer two “Best ofs…” in one post. Some plants are made for the shade; others work perfectly in mass plantings; but, these two of our favorite plants from OFA Short Course 2010 look stunning in containers and are too stylish to go unnoticed. And, as professionals in the garden industry are always searching for novel container plants, both of these beauties would showcase well in any garden retail store and on any magazine’s pages.

The Alcea Spring Celebrities varieties from American Takii boast large, semi-double to double flowers with long bloom times. Bred by Sahin, this series offers new colors – Crimson, Lilac and Pink – as well as favorites like Carmine-Rose, Lemon, Purple, White, and Formula Mixture. Hardy for Zones 6-9, these Hollyhocks like living in full sun and are quite drought tolerant. They attract butterflies and other beneficial insects. These plants are sure to grab the attention of consumers. What else would we expect from Takii? The company continues to develop some of the most garden-worthy varieties in the world. For grower cultural information, see the company’s website.By the way, our congratulations to Takii for its recent 175th anniversary. Our warmest and best wishes to Takii for another 175 years and more!

For more information, visit Takii’s website.

Known for their “magical” breeding abilities, the folks at Terra Nova Nurseries have created the world’s first trailing Heucherella. Two plants in the new Falls series, ‘Redstone Falls’ and ‘Yellowstone Falls’, debuted at OFA as exciting new options for garden centers and nurseries to consider for their busy spring 2011 seasons. With classic Heuchera-style, lobed leaves made more delicate through a mix of Tiarella, these leafy plants are sure to make a statement when planted in a tall or uplifted container.

For culture details and other insights, check out the website. Keep up the incredible breeding work, Terra Nova. You never cease to amaze us and the grower industry.

For more info, visit Terra Nova Nurseries‘ website.

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