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Trestle, drafting, card, coffee, dressing, dining, farm, library, tea, console, and buffet are but a taste of the types of tables homeowners have come use for practicality as well as pure decoration. “Who can enumerate the countless shapes and fashions of modern tables?” is a line that we came across doing research for this blog post. The quote comes from an author of a New York Times article entitled “Tables and Table Linens: History of the Table as a Household Necessity” published in 1882. How appropriate a topic for the media back then and even more so now for all the editors today. Readers nowadays enjoy understanding the reasoning behind design and the story behind furniture pieces. This knowledge makes investing in a large or small furniture item worthwhile as the piece becomes a treasured, focal point in any room.

Well, three popular types of tables not on the aforementioned list are side, hall and the highly regarded occasional. All integral design elements for a home, these types of tables are staple purchases for interior designers and homeowners alike. And, Englishman’s Fine Furnishings, a client of ours, carries beautiful lines of all three types. Pictured below are three new tables for 2011 that we captured at Englishman’s showroom in Atlanta: a mahogany Hepplewhite side table, a mahogany Hepplewhite hall table and a mahogany Pembroke drop leaf table with drawer.

Editors, we consider the possibilities for story ideas about the history of these types of tables to be a great concept for your readers. How the occasional table played as much a part in Roman households as did the dining table. Or, how useful side tables were to English royalty that the tables themselves were nicknamed, Queen Anne tables for example. Couple that kind of information with styling advice and beautiful high-resolution photos that we can gladly provide from Englishman’s for a story any reader could enjoy.

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