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As the summer months continue to be hotter, there is a delicate balance act between spending joyous time in the sunny outdoors and succumbing to the heat. A client of ours, Shade Pergolas, provides the perfect solution that marries the structural beauty of a pergola with the functionality of a retractable canopy system to help attain that balance for homeowners to enjoy summer. For outdoor space designers, this translates to a new category of shade product that can be specified in exterior design plans.

We are proud to share coverage from two trade magazines we obtained that spotlight the irrefutable benefits of Shade Pergolas, Landscape Contractor and Fabulous Floors. The articles delve beyond simple product details into Shade Pergolas’ creative use as an outdoor room feature. Click on the photos below for a closer read of the two articles. And, we hope everyone enjoys them!

Cover of Landscape Contractor’s July issue

This article focuses on using Shade Pergolas to create the perfect outdoor room where homeowners and guests can retreat from sun and summer rainstorms or enjoy the space with the canopy pulled back.

Shade Pergolas are a great resource for trade professionals, such as contractors, designers, or landscape architects.

Cover of Fabulous Floors’ Summer issue

As seen in this article, Shade Pergolas are completely customizable, from size and shape of the pergola to color of the wood and shade canopy.

Another perk about Shade Pergolas is that they can be built attached to a house or building as well as freestanding.

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