More than Just a Garden Hose

One of the notable things This Old House does extremely well is reinvent household, home ware and hardware items. Its TV hosts and magazine / online editors and writers are exemplary at finding alternative uses for common household objects. The case in point refers to a common garden hose and 10 creative uses for it, other than its typical function of watering. Some of this article’s highlights for us include the “Gird the Garage” and the “Grip Buckets” (pictured below) tips.

To protect a car and a garage from unavoidable dents and dings from a driver-in-training, This Old House suggests screwing lengths of hose at bumper level to absorb the blow. And then, note how handy a hose can be as a better grip for a bucket handle. TOH contributor Jeanne Huber even shares her idea of linking hoses to relocate an outdoor spigot to a convenient location.

We hope other editors and home improvement industry leaders are as enamored with these pointers as we are. See the rest of the article:,,1607708,00.html

The TOH article is one incredible example of ingenuity with products for homeowners. Nice job, TOH!We have some additional “tips” ideas based upon other, similar products. – Members of the media, for a unique set of tips related to home wares and hardware exclusive for your readers or viewers, contact us anytime. Our mix of clients and sources could make for a great new article of tips with exclusive content.

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  1. hose adapters says

    Nice idea! I will try to make something like that this week end. I have old garden hose in my garden. I think I can use that. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I've got an idea.


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