Social Media; Talking “with” Your Customers, No Longer Just “at” them…

Social media is causing major changes in the ways consumers learn about and purchase products. In addition, trade professionals are seeking more information about wholesale or design-based products and services through social media channels. In short, people are not as easily swayed by paid-for ad space as they once were in the hay days of advertising. Public relations and social media are essentials in the current business environment.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others are fast-becoming places for live streams of shared online activity. Where products and businesses are concerned, this is referred to as brand streams. Online communities are forming based upon specific interest topics, and companies stand real chances to gain referral traffic from these social networks. Best of all, company leaders can use social media to interface directly with their customers or clients, and participate in their online conversations. And, finding ways to interact with and engage customers or clients is an all-important goal for businesses, wouldn’t we all agree?

If you would like to develop social media channels for your own brand, products and company, and are unsure of the necessary phases and metrics of successful measurement. Or, if you are a company owner or management leader who set-up social media accounts such as a Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, or a blog, and you now are looking to invent a strategic plan of action, consider outsourcing your social media to us. At ECPR, we specialize in PR 2.0, as we define it, the combination of traditional public relations and today’s social media networks. This leads to building online communities – of existing customers, potential customers, supporters, media members, and others within your constituency groups.

Or, just keep checking our Fanpage and blog, as we will be posting an ongoing series of how-to and helpful social media narratives, ideas and comments. Post your questions and comments – what you think works, what doesn’t, social media best practices, ideas, etc. – here as well.

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