Faucets and Sinks with Aesthetic Versatility

Stemming from introduction at last year’s K/BIS show, products from Kohler Co. have been making their mark among builders / designers and consumers during late 2009 and early 2010. The concept of ‘mise en place’ (a French phrase defined by the Culinary Institute of America meaning “everything in place”) is successfully integrated in Kohler Co.’s new Karbon articulating kitchen faucet. This model combines industry-focused technology with the design needs of today’s busy homeowner.

This faucet has all the versatile mobility of a pull-down faucet. While the concept of a pull-down faucet is not new, five pivoting joints of the Karbon faucet allow the user to precisely position – and keep – the water stream exactly where it is needed. This kind of streamlined functionality and ease-of-use was widely noticeable at the show. Additionally, the faucet offers both spray and aerated water flow options, eliminating the need for a side spray. All finishes are available in deck- and wall-mount models.

The company’s new line of Stages™ kitchen sinks was inspired by professional chefs. In much the same way professionals in other industries help shape product design, professional chefs helped develop this new line. These products provide true efficiency and beauty, trend factors magazine editors and television program producers tell us are essentials for media coverage.

From prep and cooking to cleanup, the Stages kitchen sink has been designed to integrate all related tasks around the sink area. Kohler product designers essentially created a hybrid of home and commercial restaurant kitchen sinks. Builders looking to impress a wide range of homeowners should consider this as an option that allows for commercial-quality kitchen appeal.

This sink is different from so many others out there, due to the number of culinary tools actually included with the sink. Among these is a utensil tray, which is perfect for organizing ladles, knives and other accessories used during the cooking process or to soak utensils when cleaning. A dual-sided flip tray serves as both a cutting board and serving tray; also included is a separate cutting tray to keep the kitchen area more sanitary.

Possibly, one of the best features is a wire rack that protects the sink’s basin, while providing a surface for cleaning and drying dishes.

From restaurateurs and hoteliers to builders and consumers in general, this sink is deserving of a close look. – Editors and producers, based upon our latest focus group findings (Quarter 4, 2009), in which builder- / trade-based and homeowner consumer magazine readers rated “Sinks and Appliances with Multiple Design and Technical Features” in their top 10 product preferences, they may very well send you a big “thank you” were you to share this information with them in 2010.

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