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With spring right around the corner, we’ve been speaking with radio show hosts about coordinating interviews with our home-, garden- and design-based clientele. Spring is the obvious time for redesigning interiors and renovating outdoor spaces.

Currently, we are finding new interest in radio show producers who like to interview landscape architects, horticulturists, breeders, and garden center owners. Gardening has taken on a new look and feel for homeowners, given the continuing stay-cation and focus-on-the-home mentality. From focus groups, we also believe homeowners are tiring of “on hold” projects due to the economy, and many are creating new interiors and landscapes in phased approaches. – Sounds good to us! It is time to get up and get going, even in phases if necessary, for Americans having faced some slow times in 2009. We can improve our economy by actively participating in it, and home and garden projects are a great way to do so.

The norm for our garden-related radio interviews this spring includes our plant-based clients sharing trial insights about the best plants for any area, the latest plant trends, and helpful long-term care tips. Radio show hosts and producers with whom we work are also telling us homeowners are interested in learning about the history of brands and what makes them special or different from the competition.

In general, radio interviews supplemented with strategic advertisements are a means to provide supplementary information that may not have been mentioned during the interviews, such as detailed contact information and a targeted brand message.

Listen to the following ad message from Garden Splendor:

This will be playing on the WOR radio station during spring runs of the Ralph Snodsmith Gardening Show, in addition to interviews during which Ralph will ask how-to gardening information of David Wilson, Garden Splendor’s marketing director. These two messages will complement each other for a well-rounded branding campaign. The Garden Splendor brand offers one of the most organized and creative radio campaigns in the industry, and the garden center retailers selling the branded plants benefit from the exposure. – Our team and the good folks with the Garden Splendor brand have worked with WOR in this way for some time as well as other stations.

Typically, radio ad purchases like this are a great and cost-effective way to message locally. And, as an added bonus, these types of campaigns literally lend more customer traffic to the participating brand dealers.

If you’re interested in potentially writing a story about brand messaging through radio, please feel free to give us a call or send us a message. We can write it for you or line up interviews with some of our clients. If you are a radio producer or host and are seeking experts – from gardening and landscape architecture to interiors and home furnishings – we’d be glad to provide media kits and information on behalf of our clients.

Jeff Collard

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