Winter Hellebores

With cold weather circling the country, hellebores are a popular topic for the New Year landscape as a blooming, colorful alternative to traditional poinsettias and evergreens. While hellebores have been around for years, the newest technologies and expertise in breeding have provided the market with new and improved cultivars that really wow.

In a recent article about Double hellebores in time for winter published in Maple Ridge News, Mike Lascelle explores some of the most exciting new double hellebores by Terra Nova Nurseries. The company’s Winter Jewels series offer never-seen-before colors that remain consistent and reliable throughout the season. A few of our favorites mentioned in the article include:

Winter Jewels Hellebore ‘Peppermint Ice’

Winter Jewels Hellebore ‘Onyx Odyssey’

Winter Jewels Hellebore ‘Sparkling Diamond’

If you’re interested in learning more about Terra Nova Nurseries exclusive Winter Jewels Hellebore series, please feel free to contact us for high-resolution images and profile information, or visit We can schedule interviews and site visits with the breeding team for qualified writers and editors.

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Jeff Collard

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