The Look and Feel of Form and Function

Creating an outdoor living space has quickly become a backyard mainstay. Homeowners across the country are creating outdoor sanctuaries ranging from simple fire pits and built-in grill enclosures to elaborate kitchens, patios, and retaining walls. Then, too, city and municipality leaders seek new physical forms and styles of public spaces in an era of outdoor recreation. Meanwhile, Landscape Architects and outdoor room designers supply a vast amount of design and technical knowledge in keeping with the development of such outdoor spaces. Hardscapes serve as the foundation and accents for many of these sites, adding to the natural appearance of the outdoors.

Our industry findings and trend-watching show hardscapes with stone and manufactured stone are growing in popularity among homeowners, designers, architects, city planners, and developers. A key factor is cost. While natural stone and manufactured stone both have their benefits, the manufactured sort certainly has many pluses including ease of installation, dimensional consistency, and regular availability…all important aspects of planning for you LAs.

Rosetta Hardscapes, a company that specializes in decorative stone, offers several stone collections to fit most any hardscape need. The company’s stone products look like natural stone with all the benefits of a manufactured product.

The Belvedere collection is the perfect fit for retaining or freestanding walls, as the stones are great for stacking with a natural, attractive appearance. Rosetta’s step collection – of irregular and dimensional hardscape products – helps designers and homeowners create outdoor staircases that seamlessly blend into any environment.

A retaining wall built with the company’s products can provide function by bordering a nearby roadway or path, but the real benefit seems to be enhancing the setting with beauty. Rosetta Hardscapes offers diverse product application photos, unique design layouts and how-to instructions online at


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