HIP Meets Global Standard Specification for BioTag

First thing is first…. the basics.

HIP is at the forefront of the “green” revolution in the Horticulture industry and was among the first to produce earth-friendly labeling solutions. See who they are by visiting their Web site and looking around. Talk about innovative plant tags!

BioTag is a horticultural labeling product that is made of 100% biodegradable plastic. The tag material is produced using a state-of-the-art polymer technology that relies on bio-based products such as corn, soybeans, starches, wheat, and sugarcane, rather than fossil fuel-based resins. The end-product has a natural composition that is totally biodegradable. The commercial compost process takes less than 180 days, and the full degradation process takes approximately one year.

NOW… onto the newest development!

Horticultural Identification Products (HIP) announced today that it has met the standard specification set by ASTM International for its sustainable BioTag labeling products.

The ASTM specification establishes if products made from plastics will compost satisfactorily, including biodegrading at a rate comparable to known compostable materials. Meeting this specification is a sustainability breakthrough for HIP because it means BioTag can be officially considered fully “compostable” based upon the composition of the product.

“Meeting ASTM’s standard specification criteria further emphasizes HIP’s commitment to conservation and environmental awareness,” says Bob Lovejoy, president / CEO of HIP. “We understand the critical need for businesses to have a positive environmental impact and offering BioTag is a way for us to support growers in their sustainability efforts.”

Very cool! Just goes to show you that companies of ANY type can help contribute to a healthier environment.


Jeff Collard

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