Stop Slackin’… Go Green!

Oh, “Going Green.” A term we hear so often, and yet, many of us still don’t know how to make our lives more environmentally friendly.

A book was recently published called The Everything Green Living Bookwith, you guessed it… hundreds of simple tips to going green. Our favorite tip? The author, Diane Gow McDilda, recommends as a great resource for finding plants to replace your chemical- and water-hungry lawn.

Three, top reasons replacing your turf can do worlds for the environment:

1) Remove the need for a lawn mower – Creeping perennials from STEPABLES® never grow higher than a couple of inches, so get rid of those nasty fuel emissions!

2) Lower water usage – Choose the right plant for the right area, and many of these groundcovers can survive drought, humidity or your two-week-long vacation.

3) Lower (and sometimes remove completely) the need to spray dangerous chemicals in your landscape – STEPABLES® plants weave closely together, naturally blocking the growth of weeds!

For more information on how to select the right low-growing groundcovers for your lawn, visit the STEPABLES® Web site. For a sneak-peek at how to replace your own lawn, watch this instructional video.

*This message is Mother Nature approved.



Jeff Collard

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