Social Media

Social media means talking with customers, not merely talking at them. As many now are finding, social media is causing major changes in the ways consumers learn about and purchase products. In addition, trade professionals are seeking more information about wholesale or design-based products and services through social media channels. People simply are not as easily swayed by paid-for ad space as they once were in the glory days of advertising. Public relations and social media are essentials in the current business environment. 

Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and other social networks are quickly evolving as portals for live streams of online activity, shared by people in affinity groups to like-minded hobbyists, and everyone in between. Where products and businesses are concerned, this is referred to as brand streams. These online communities are forming based upon similar preferences and span almost every imaginable interest topic.

Eberly & Collard Public Relations helps businesses build and gain referral traffic from such online social networks. At the core, we guide our clients through the process of utilizing social media strategies and channels to interface directly with their customers or clients, and participate in their online conversations. And, isn’t it true, finding ways to interact directly with and engage customers or clients is an all-important goal for all businesses? 

At ECPR, we specialize in PR 2.0 – as we define it – the convergence of traditional public relations and modern social media networks. This proactive combination leads to building online communities including existing customers, potential customers, supporters, media members, and others within company’s segmented constituency groups. 

In terms of social media as part of your marketing plan, consider this... 

Ultimately, online conversations about your company, brand, products or services are already taking place – with or without you. You may choose to participate in these online conversation threads or allow unknown sources to host and guide them. Implementing social media for your company is taking part in proactive interaction with your customers and engaged involvement that does away with old school’s one-way marketing. Essentially – in today’s social networking environment and economy – you can bring about a new, two-sided mode of communication between your company and its constituencies and customers.

Services include: 

  • Enacting a fusion of strategic campaigns to merge traditional public relations and the leading-edge social networking affiliations.  
  • Writing & posting social media conversations in the forms of: blog posts / comments, photo-sharing, Flickr photo-stories, bookmarks, podcasts, vodcasts, online forums and educational sessions, tweets via Twitter, online product reviews and product case-studies, meet-ups / events, story aggregation sites, news rss readers, interactions through Facebook Fanpages, message boards, Wikis (collaborative, community Web sites), Digg, YouTube, and other web 2.0 applications.
  • Developing online social media contacts, content, conversations, and interactions with key customers and audiences on the behalf of clients.
  • Concepting and managing purposeful, relevant and engaging conversation threads that build communities of customers & supporters.
  • Creating applicable content for social media channels and online portals, enabling clients to share information with existing and potential customers, and other important groups.
  • Positioning client companies as experts and authorities in their categories through company blog content, posted commentary, online learning forums for customers, and two-way engagements. 
  • Measuring social media results by conversation index: Placement, status, ranking, Search Engine Optimization, participation, and perception in the overall social media domain. 
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