Eberly & Collard PR is Honored to be Recognized as One of the Top 25 DesignRush Branding Agencies Across the US

Branding can be defined in a few ways across marketing disciplines, but our firm describes branding as the touch-points through which your company is seen from your customers’ or clients’ perspectives. At Eberly & Collard, we work with brands to help define a set of brand standards for our clients, so they, and, us, on their behalf, can use those standards as a baseline guide for marketing communication.

The purpose of branding is to simply and easily help your customers understand what you have to offer and how your specific product or service is different. But this is not only a USP (unique selling proposition); it is the combination of all the ways your brand can communicate what it stands for and provides. A case study that showcases our branding work can be found here.

We take the responsibility of branding for clients seriously, and this is why we are honored to be recognized as a top Branding Agency on DesignRush.

Thank you, DesignRush, for including our firm in the list this year!

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