Gaze Into the Abyss

Interior designers, we are sure there have been times when you struggled to find that one amazing focal piece for a space. If you are in this state now, then allow us to help! Let your clients and their guests explore the depths of the deep blue from the comfort of their living rooms.

London-based designer Christopher Duffy is known for creating cutting-edge, statement home décor with functional purposes. One of his latest projects merges the beauty and mystery of the world’s oceans with a common household staple, the coffee table.

The Abyss Table is a mesmerizing mix of glass, color and woodwork, complete with convincing topographical features. Reminiscent of an underwater cave, this conversation piece is a sight to behold. As a limited edition item, the Duffy London team took more than a year to develop the Abyss Table. By layering sculpted glass with Perspex and forest wood, they recreated the concept imagined by Duffy.

For your affluent clientele, The Abyss Table could stand alone or be a purposeful, yet exclusive, addition to most living spaces. Click here for more information and photos of The Abyss Table and Duffy London.

The Abyss Table by Duffy London, shown here in a loft space,
 is made of glass and wood, creating an interesting
contrast in the textured materials of the photo.
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