The Evolution of the Residential Kitchen

The growth of several industries is leading to major advancements in residential kitchen designs. With the consistent growth of the organic farming and food market in the United States, homeowners are becoming more and more conscious about their diets, which is also affecting their food prep spaces. In addition, the surge of available “smart appliances” and sustainable building materials in commercial kitchens is evolving even the most basic kitchen appliances, and has crossed over into the residential market. Thus, builders and designers are working to help their clients fashion chic, upgraded and functional kitchen spaces with new and innovative technologies.

K+BB January 2014

In its January 2014 issue, Kitchen + Bath Business shared the latest in commercial-style, sustainable, efficient and wireless technology now being found in residential kitchens.

Double ovens were once exclusive to major restaurateurs and caterers, but now the appealing features of LED screens displaying recipes, cooking guidance and customizable cooking cycles have reached home culinary enthusiasts.

Along with cutting-edge features, luxury and conveniences normally reserved for fine dining are also appearing in residential kitchen designs. While wine refrigerators are not necessarily new to residential kitchens, wine dispensers are providing a new experience for wine connoisseurs. No longer do wine lovers have to anguish over spoiling an unfinished bottle; their favorite Sauvignon Blanc can be easily stored and kept at the perfect temperature, ensuring that it is readily available at the touch of a button.

As all architects, designers and builders know, materials used for the home must fit the specific needs of the client. When it comes to kitchens, countertops are easily the most substantial element. Commercial kitchens have long ago adapted to be both heat- and scratch-resistant, and now both natural and synthetic sourced materials are becoming stylish options for homeowners who wish to utilize this commercial-like durability.

K+BB January 2014 – Residential Kitchens Are Taking a Page from Commercial’s Playbook

Keeping up with the latest in home products and technologies to recommend to clients is imperative, and there’s no better way to accomplish the task than attending industry conventions and events.

KBIS, the leading kitchen and bath industry show, and IBS, the largest annual residential housing construction trade event, will co-locate during Design & Construction Week, beginning February 4 – 6, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nev. This year will mark the first time the two premier shows and associations have joined together to exhibit the latest industry products, trends and technologies.

Designers, builders and retailers, don’t miss this opportunity to experience the newest offerings from top brands for all home needs and learn about high-tech and innovative products that can upgrade your clients’ kitchens.

Click here to read the full K+BB article and here to learn more about KBIS.

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