The Positive Benefits of Metal Roofing for Schools

The October 2013 issue of Commercial Building Products magazine features an article on the increased popularity of metal-roofing systems among educational institutions. Facility managers of both new and existing buildings are considering the short- and long-term benefits of these systems. It is difficult to overlook the efficient performance, cost-saving traits, and the environmental attributes that allow for green certifications and energy-code compliance.
Commercial Building Products – October 2013 Cover

Butler Manufacturing Co. of Kansas City, Mo. teamed up with Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Me. to install an MR-24 metal-roofing system for the school’s field house and arts center in less than one year. Using this project as an example, below, we divulge the top four benefits of installing metal-roofing systems on school buildings and university campuses.

Commercial Building Products – October 2013

Going Green

Steel is the most recycled material on earth and can achieve a thermal efficiency rating of R-40 or higher. Cool-roofing systems use highly reflective paint to reduce roof temperatures and lower the amount of energy needed to cool a school building. A metal-roofing system can benefit schools and universities by helping meet sustainability goals and LEED, Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council standards.

Longevity and Durability

When marketing to schools and universities considering the switch to metal roofs, builders and developers should note the added value of reduced repair needs. These weather-tight, low-maintenance roofing systems ensure proper alignment, accurate installation and leak protection, which lowers building operation expenses over time.

Cost Savings

Metal-roofing systems can most likely lower maintenance and energy bills for educational facilities, allowing money to be spent elsewhere. One of the largest concerns when considering a metal-roofing system is the initial expense, but after a life-cycle cost-savings analysis, a public or private school will potentially see firsthand how valuable the investment is. Once the energy savings, performance and durability are considered, the original expenditure concerns dwindle.

Commercial Building Products – October 2013 issue


Daylighting, similar to an over-sized skylight, is growing in popularity alongside the metal-roofing systems in educational facilities. In large areas of schools and universities, such as open corridors, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and auditoriums, daylighting systems can be installed. This alternative lighting solution uses natural light to illuminate large areas instead of using costly electricity. Daylighting reduces electrical lighting consumption by as much as 70%, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, Washington.

For more information about this project and the benefits of metal-roofing systems, commercial builders and designers can order a copy of Commercial Building Products’ October issue online at Or, click each photo above to read the full article.

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