Hospitality Bathrooms Go Green In 2013

When travelers look for lodging while on a trip, they want their room to be a retreat for relaxation. Some consumers prefer a country-style bed and breakfast while others gravitate towards contemporary designs. One feature that not many will argue about is green sustainability.

Hotels are embracing eco-friendly products to decrease impact on the earth and reduce operation bills, while maintaining comfortable luxury for guests. How are they doing this? By targeting the space where the most waste takes place – the bathroom. Below, we highlight five sustainable products that have caught our attention for hotel and resort bathroom spaces.

The Organic 2 Handle Single-Hole Faucet

Starck Organic 2 Handle
Single-Hole Faucet

Designed by Philippe Starck, this faucet contains a third less brass than traditional fixtures. The handle at the top controls water temperature with an adjustable temperature restriction, and the distinctive rotating spout controls volume, creating an easier method of controlling water flow.

The Versacork Series

Sustainable Flooring Versacork Premium™

The Sustainable Flooring Company strives to provide flooring, wall, and millwork options of high quality, while maintaining its personal commitment to not adversely impact the environment for company benefit. All of the company’s products are made from reclaimed or recycled wood, bamboo or cork. In addition, various combinations of the three materials can be used to create the best possible match for clients’ needs. The Versacork Premium™ series is a suitable application for showers, pool surrounds, back splashes, and bar tops, while offering remarkable slip-resistance when wet or dry. It is soft to the touch and absorbs body heat for a warm floor.

Vetrazzo® Recycled Glass Countertops

Vetrazzo® Countertop in ‘Chivalry Blue’

The variety of color options Vetrazzo® provides is simply astounding. The countertops are comprised of 100% recycled glass, including architectural or art glass, beer bottles and jars. The end result creates a unique look and feel for the hotel’s style. Once a Vetrazzo® countertop is installed, it truly becomes a functional work of art within the bathroom.

Algiers Vanity Light

AFX Algiers Vanity Light

AFX has re-innovated the decorative light fixture category by using the latest LED technology with fluorescent lamping, modern ballasts and top-quality design engineering. The versatile Algiers Vanity features a contemporary design with metal end covers and satin nickel finish. Moreover, it can be mounted vertically or horizontally to the wall or ceiling.

American Standard Tropic Showerhead

American Standard Tropic Showerhead

Hotels, resorts, and other businesses or facilities can potentially save thousands of dollars annually by making an investment in low-flow bathroom appliances. As an example, New York’s LaGuardia Airport saved over $160,000 in one year, after spending $90,000 to convert its restrooms. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a full list of products that adhere to the WaterSense® conservation standards. One manufacturer leading the effort is American Standard. The company has a number of products listed, including the Tropic showerhead. Tropic uses 1.5 gallons per minute, compared to the standard flow of 2.2 gallons per minute, without sacrificing performance.

Each of these companies has various eco-friendly products that will fit into any style of bathroom. Joining the sustainable hospitality industry is not only a profitable economic decision, but also a wise environmental decision.

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  1. Ben says

    I travel often for work and it's very rare that I find hotels that use eco-friendly products and fixtures. Sad that they don't realize the opportunity cost of such a minor investment!

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