Social Media Marketing: You can do it, too!

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For small business owners and public relations firms, social media marketing can be an expansive and daunting, but worthy task. The phrase, “social medial marketing,” encompasses a vast variety of digital marketing options. With such a wide range of social media available, it is important to understand where to focus your company’s time and energy. The Eberly & Collard Public Relations team recently participated in a webinar, “Social Media Marketing Made Simple,” in which we revisited a number of tried and true methods for social media marketing and also learned a few new, creative tips. 

The webinar designed and led by Shane Lamotte, of Conscious Commerce, challenged social media marketers to drop unproductive marketing methodologies in exchange for what we will call, the “Three C’s” of social media engagement: establishing connections and kick starting your digital following (creativity), developing engaging content (clarity) as well as maintaining conversations and the practical monitoring of your marketing efforts (consciousness).

“Creativity” – Social media communications are about immediate engagement. No consumer will take the time to read a boring or cliché Facebook post. When a social media marketer seeks to engage customers digitally, it is important to provide the necessary and basic company information. However, “content is king” and the more original, engaging and understandable a post, the better. To develop a creative and inviting social media presence, keep things simple and attention-grabbing. Think outside the box. As Shane Lamotte stressed in his webinar, “the best content inspires sharing.”

“Clarity” – After customers are engaged with a company’s digital platform, it is of the utmost importance to communicate well, seeking clarity in all digital engagement. Social media posts, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or any other form of social media, should remain focused on the industry and expertise of your work. A social media marketer seeks to develop a streamlined conversation with fans and customers, so that a network is developed and the company establishes itself as an “expert” in a given field.

“Consciousness” – Finally, social media marketing should seek to be conscious of its consumers at all times. This means dealing with both positive and negative feedback, letting the customer know that the company is engaging with them and the media is not simply an advertisement. This can be as simple as responding immediately to Tweets or Facebook posts from fans. It can also mean graciously dealing with criticism in a public fashion. Your businesses’ followers want to see that you pay attention to their individual feedback and value their support. This is the best way to build a positive digital presence for your company.

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The webinar ended with a great deal of advice on balancing these three areas of social media management, while not becoming overwhelmed with this specific area of marketing. Social media marketing seems tricky, but it does not have to be; once a marketer has taken the time to understand the world of social media, this realm of marketing becomes an exciting new platform on which to engage customers and prospects.

One of our services is managing interactive social media channels for clients. If you’d like to consider our professional toolkit for launching your channels or have a need to change your social media into two-way dialog between you and your customers and other important groups, contact us for a free assessment. Learn more on our website here:

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