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Builder July 2013

Thanks to our editor friends at Builder magazine, our blog readers, clients and followers can stay abreast of today’s top design-build projects, construction techniques, product advancements, and more related to the building and construction industry.

In Builder’s July 2013 issue, the magazine’s editorial team rounded up a list of innovative products builders and contractors should keep in mind for current and future projects. From shingles and water diversion systems to faucets and windows, our team recaps the eight products Builder’s editors are highlighting this month.

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1. Zola Corner Window: Number one on the editors’ roundup is Zola European Windows’ Zola Corner Window. This sleek line of aluminum-clad fixed and operable windows can maximize views around corners with its Corner Lift-Slide. Available in a myriad of sizes with a variety of interior woods, Zola Corner Windows are ideal for residential building projects.

2. Weyerhauser OSB Panels: Next time a project includes hardwood floors, consider using Weyerhaeuser’s OSB Panels. By installing these high-density OSB panels under hardwood floors, builders and contractors can improve fastener retention and built-in drainage. A favorite feature for some of our builder and architect clients, the panels also offer a sealed edge to resist the swelling and shrinkage that loosen fasteners in wet places.

3. Tamko Shingles: Reinforced with a layer of non-woven polyester fabric for impact resistance, the Heritage series of laminated asphalt shingles also includes a Class 4 impact-rated version designed to resist cracking and rupturing from heavy hail. With a 30-year limited warranty, Heritage is the ultimate for new construction or re-roofing jobs.

4. Moen Faucet: Moen’s S6700 faucet displays geometric forms, squared corners and straight lines. Part of the company’s minimalist 90 Degree collection of bathroom faucets, it complements both residential and commercial contemporary spaces. We’ve seen this fine-looking faucet in several of the designer show houses for which we have managed public relations, and it gets our vote as a must-have fixture.

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5. CertainTeed Water System: A product to consider with deck installations is CertainTeed’s Undershield water system. It diverts water to a gutter at the deck’s edge, protecting areas underneath from water intrusion.

6. Therma-Tru Doorlites: Therma-Tru enables builders and contractors to protect and preserve homes in coastal regions by incorporating impact-rated doorlites and sidlites into homes. When installed with a Therma-Tru impact-rated door these products can withstand winds up to 195 mph and meet code requirements for extreme weather in coastal areas.

7. Foundry Siding: The Tapco Group’s fire-resistant, panelized, vinyl siding uses ceramic finishes to provide a realistic texture with no telltale sheen. Each panel is molded from hand-selected quarried stone and delivers up to 40 feet of non-repeating coverage. This striking siding gets our seal of satisfaction.

8. Häfele Pull-Out Storage: Häfele’s lockable, pull-out compartment is a resourceful product residential builders and contractors can specify for home renovations and new construction projects. It allows homeowners to safely store cleaning supplies and other items under kitchen or bathroom cabinets and away from children.

If you’re interested in viewing extended product descriptions, visit And, stay tuned for more products for designers, builders, architects, and consumers on our blog. Our clients and friends in the industry have a lot to offer, so more to follow from your ECPR trend-watchers in the near future.

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  1. Connor Construction says

    The texture of Foundry's siding is one of the best looking and most realistic siding options we have used on our bigger jobs.

  2. ECPR says

    Glad to hear your testimonial, Connor Construction. Thanks for your comment. We'll be writing about more builder products to specify soon.

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