National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek”: STRIKER®

The ultra-thin FLEXiT Light by STRIKER® will be showcased at the National Hardware Show this week in Las Vegas. A hands free, flexible, LED, task light, FLEXiT allows an unlimited amount of light projections. Thanks to its durable Shape-Loc™ frame, consumers can easily bend, fold, wrap, stick, or hook the product on or around objects to create a focused spot or broad flood of light.

One of the most unique and innovative task lights on the market, FLEXiT uses 16 Lumen Tech™ LEDs with three light functions; low, medium and high. The product includes a durable ABS base that holds 3 AA batteries, an electronic switch and circuit, two large neodymium magnets, and a loop to hang or mount the light. The FLEXiT is 0.85 inches thick, 7 inches wide, and 13 inches tall.

Stop by STRIKER’s booth at NHS to witness FLEXiT’s countless capabilities. Attendees can check out how it wraps around tubes, bends into tight corners or magnetically fastens to metal objects. Learn more about STRIKER’s FLEXiT by visiting

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