National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek”: MAS Un Limited

MAS Un Limited’s “Simply Dump It” pivoting wheelbarrow handles have definitely captured the attention of the ECPR team. The patented pivoting handle grips enable users to lift, control and deliver heavy loads more safely and easily, which ultimately makes gardening projects seem a little less daunting.

Winning the top award at the 2011 Ergonomic Conference and Expo and a Top-10 honorable mention at the 2012 World Ag Expo, consumers are flocking to garden centers and retail stores to purchase “Simply Dump It” wheelbarrow handles. “Reports show that retail store sales of wheelbarrows increase 20%-30% when the ‘Simply Dump It’ pivoting handles are installed, displayed, and demonstrated on a wheelbarrow floor-model,” says John Zaza, director of sales for Simply Dump It / MAS Un Limited.

The durable, nylon grips install in minutes on most wood or metal wheelbarrow handles. Physician-endorsed, these handles pivot when lifted which helps protect wrists from excessive rotation and weight loading. In addition, the handles aid in reducing the torque on elbows and lower backs.

Retailers and media members, stop by MAS Un Limited’s booth (8747) at the National Hardware Show to see live demonstrations of the “Simply Dump It” wheelbarrow handles. And, for more information about this innovative product, visit

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