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With the digital world in full swing, companies are looking for ways to incorporate new online marketing strategies into budgets. This not only includes online and e-newsletter advertising, but also valuable editorial content available through target media outlets. Many trade and consumer publications, blogs, digital magazines, and websites enable companies to submit their own editorial content online through submission forms. For example, press releases, product profiles, case-studies, feature articles, and much more.

This is something we PR professionals call self-publishing. And, by using these valuable tools, companies have the ability to exponentially increase their online presence. Researching online submission sites and guidelines can be an arduous task. It is important to know upfront which sites will add value to an organization’s branding message. Also, following instructions is a key factor to achieving publication. This is one of the many reasons why companies turn to public / media relations firms like ours for assistance.

Our team of experts can help develop strategic digital and integrated marketing plans as a gateway to increasing brand awareness. The premise behind this is one of our mottos: Content is King!

We assess, analyze and execute online submissions to help benefit our clients’ overall editorial content and reach, as a clear supplement to other forms of published company news and product information. In turn, we help companies expand their website press sections to more well-rounded displays of multimedia placements, ultimately building brand awareness for their design services and / or product launches.

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