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Founded in 1886, GAF has become one of North America’s largest manufacturers of commercial and residential roofing. GAF roofing products have been featured on a number of well-known and respected television programs, including CBS, Discovery Channel, Women’s Entertainment, Fox, PBS, and A&E. The company’s success is based on helping homeowners and architects choose the best roofing options as well as assist distributors and roofing contractors build business and avoid hassles.

Recently, GAF exhibited at the 2011 CONSTRUCT Show in Chicago, and part of our team interviewed company representatives on site to uncover exactly what makes their products so unique. At the show, the company showcased one of its newer products, EverGuard Extreme™ TPO. This revolutionary product is a single-ply membrane, engineered to protect roofs from extreme heat generated from solar panels as well as from highly reflective architectural structures on adjacent buildings. Regular single-ply roofing membranes are constructed from organic polymers, and over time, organic polymers are subject to damage from extreme heat, sunlight and UV. Additionally, solar panels can create heat temperatures up to 190 degrees on roof surfaces, exposing single-ply membranes to intense heat. Thus, leading to cracks in membranes as well as damage to building rooftops.

GAF’s EverGuard Extreme TPO provides a wonderful solution. Company scientists have created a new grade of TPO single-ply membrane designed to withstand extreme heat to prevent cracks and damages. EverGuard Extreme™ TPO uses proprietary stabilizers and UV absorbers to achieve weathering performance far beyond current standards. During testing phases, the company’s product far exceeded standard TPO single-ply membranes. EverGuard Extreme TPO was exposed to accelerated weathering and aging tests, the results were remarkable. The heat-aging tests were conducted at 280 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature well beyond the most rigorous ASTM tests. The strength and durability of EverGuard Extreme TPO is through the roof, pun intended.

Needless to say, GAF’s EverGuard Extreme TPO is one of the most innovative and effective single-ply membranes available. For our trade magazine editor friends and contacts, please contact us if you have questions or interest in sharing this information with your readers. To learn more, visit the company’s website at

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