Terra Nova Nurseries Featured in Pennsylvania Gardener

Our client Terra Nova Nurseries was recently featured in the September / October issue of Pennsylvania Gardener. The article entitled “Sustainability: Right Plant, Right Place,” written by Maria Zampini, educates readers on how to plant sustainable gardens. Essentially, a sustainable garden requires little or no maintenance, all the while being eco-friendly. Zampini encourages gardeners to choose native, non-invasive plants that are adaptable in a range of growing conditions and can provide a healthy habitat for wildlife.

In the article, Zampini mentions that hellebores are a favorite plant choice for sustainable gardens, specifically Terra Nova Nurseries’ Winter Jewels Series including ‘Amber Gem’ and ‘Peppermint Ice’. The Hellebore Winter Jewels Series bred by Marietta O’Byrne are double flower strains featured in individual colors rather than mixes. ‘Amber Gem’ is an apricot dream. The blooms are yellow infused and blushed with red, like a ripe apricot; perhaps the rarest of colors in hellebores. This winter plant is deer resistant and shade tolerant, making it an ideal plant for a sustainable garden. ‘Peppermint Ice’ has fluffy, light pink flowers with a rim of dark pink edging; the dark pink on the back of the tepals adds to the appeal. Like ‘Amber Gem’ this plant is deer resistant, drought tolerant and performs well in shaded areas.

To read the full article about sustainable gardening in the September / October issue of Pennsylvania Gardener, see the photos included in this blog post. To enlarge the photos, simply click on each individual photo. Media members, if you’re interested in learning more about Terra Nova Nurseries’ Hellebores Winter Jewels Series for an end of the year article, please contact us by clicking here.

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