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For several years, the German flower breeder-producer, Dümmen, has taken the guesswork out of combination plantings with its RED FOX Confetti Garden. Released in 2007, and introduced to growers for the 2008 spring season, Confetti Garden products contain two or three skillfully selected varieties of up to three genera. The norm is verbena, petunia and calibrachoa. Each combination is coordinated for color, timing and growth to ensure growers can offer plants that bloom beautifully and consistently. An ongoing brand standard, Confetti Garden takes the guesswork out of creating combinations.

Beautiful and easy to grow, Purple Cleopatra blooms from May until frost.

New variety introductions and genera have helped Confetti Garden capture the interest of growers and retailers year after year. The company offers 29 different mixes in the North American market. The largest sellers are two of the original mixes, Purple Cleopatra and Hot Pink Jazz, both featuring Dummen-bred Aloha calibrachoa, Empress verbena and Sweetunia or Potunia petunias. Some of the new mixes for the 2012 growing season include Water Wonders and Elegance.

How are the mixes available to growers, you ask? RED FOX Confetti Garden products are offered in rooted or un-rooted cuttings. Rooted cuttings are prepped by Dümmen rooting station partners regionally, and then shipped to growers as Confetti Garden liners in trays. Un-rooted cuttings are shipped directly to growers who prefer rooting their own cuttings; these arrive in a “Confetti in a Box” package, with all un-rooted cuttings and tags ready for sticking.

Most of the cuttings are produced in Dümmen’s owned and operated “Las Mercedes” farm in El Salvador. Dümmen USA also offers growers a True Grower Guarantee to offer more confidence in planning their seasons, something of importance in today’s economy where there is no room for error. The guarantee is notable in that it promises Confetti Garden’s rooted cuttings with all three genera rooted in the delivered liner.

Water Wonders includes an elegant trio of blue, white and
pink flowers and is a new mix for the 2012 growing season.

Dümmen has built an international reputation during its 40-year history as a grower and producer of quality young plants. At the core of consumer accessibility, Confetti Garden mixes aren’t difficult to find. They can be found at many independent garden centers, general merchandisers or grocery stores that sell plants as well as mass merchant retailers. To learn more about Confetti Garden products, visit the company’s website at

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