Casual Market “Sneak Peek:” Pride Family Brands

Flecks of light dotting the dark sky. Friends gathered in a circle to share highlights of their day. Nearly everyone is aware of the unique ambiance provided by a dancing flame. Not to mention, fire pits have become one of today’s hottest trends in backyard recreation. 
The use of outdoor fire pits has evolved as homeowners search for new ways to enhance their yards and patios. Consumers who want to maximize their time outdoors will naturally look for a way to bring warmth to their outdoor spaces. Some of today’s fire pits have also come a long way from the humble, traditional wood-burning models. Designer versions, such as Pride Family Brands’ Castelle fire pits, offer modern, creative and elegant options. 
Casual Market-goers can learn more about Castelle fire pits by visiting Booth 1747 next month. The fire pits come in two sizes, 48-inch round and a 32-inch by 48-inch rectangular model, and are designed for weather resistance and ease of use. Both sizes include a signature hand-woven aluminum base in combination with six of Pride Family Brand’s most popular cast top designs.

The bases feature a door for easy access to the propane storage area. For convenient igniting and extinguishing, the control valve is located on the outside of the base. High quality burners, rated to produce 60,000 BTUs, provide a welcome amount of warmth and ambiance. To learn more about the benefits and features of Castelle fire pits, visit There, you can also find the latest tips and trends in the world of outdoor living from Pride Family Brand’s own Resident Lifestyle Expert, Jamie Sorcher.

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